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N Scale Model Building a House | Full Guide Inside

The N scale is a popular model railway scale. Depending on the manufacturer (or country), the N scale varies from 1∶148 to 1∶160.

In all cases, the gauge (the distance between the rails) is 9 mm or 0.354 in.

Model Building a House N Scale

Design and build a structure that represents the house you were born in, or a house located in your favorite city, town, country, or beach house. Or build a fantasy, futuristic or dream house. I challenge you to be a model builder as a new hobby or professional challenge.

This type of model construction is known as an architectural model construction. Trains Pump House Kit N Scale Model Railroad craft.

Models N Scale House and Coal Rail Kit

These structures are essential to detail each tank in its design. Pump houses and coal sheds were originally located in all tanks prior to the use of indoor plumbing and electricity.

The pump house had a boiler that worked with a steam pump to fill the water tank to fill the locomotives, and home shed

N Scale Model Building a House
N Scale Model Building a House

Kit includes precise laser-cut lumber, tongue and groove parts, with peel-and-stick moldings, windows and doors, four pieces of cast metal (lead-free) trim, and complete assembly and painting instructions.

Details include a large coal shovel, a pile of coal buckets, a tool pile with a saw horse, a Smoke Jack vent.

A wooden hopper that would have been used to transfer the shovelled coal from the railroad car to the window of the coal shed. The landscape, figures, vehicles and trees are not included.

size: 3 3/4 “L x 2” W x 1 1/2 “H

Great addition to any N scale motel building design! The scenery of the train, the figures, the animals and the building are not included.

N Scale Model
N Scale Model

N Scale Model Building a House

The value of the model that makes a structure is to present a visual and tactile scene of a structure. Architects build models of structures to help clients see the final product before actual construction begins.

Yes, there are computer programs that help visualize the house, but it is different when you build a physical model that originates from knowledge, creativity, imagination, knowledge and skillful hands.

Wooden Model Building
Wooden Model Building

Model building materials and tools

The least expensive method is to use cardboard and craft paper. The cardboard is flexible, but as it is put together with paste or glue, the structure will strengthen.

Craft paper with tile, brick, stone, wood strip, and other texture designs is a shortcut for adding realistic texture in, on, and around the structure.

A pair of scissors, a craft knife or scalpel, a metal ruler, paste or glue, a cutting mat, and a pencil and paint will be the minimum necessary tools.

If you wish, you can invest in an architectural scale to help calculate the scale and dimensions of the model if you decide to build models regularly.

Model building materials
Model building materials

Construction steps

  1. House plan
  2. Floor
  3. Walls
  4. Ceiling
  5. Last touches
  6. House floor plan

Make a copy of the actual floor plans of the house. Decide on the scale. For example, an inch can represent one foot. The scale has a lot to do with the size of the finished product and the display area.

After determining the scale, draw or trace the plans, label and then cut the section. Precisely cut one measured piece at a time and position it directly on the model building a house plane to avoid mistakes and ensure the building will stay firm and firm.

house floor plan
House floor plan

The house floor plan will either produce the house as a final product or place the micro home plan on a platform that will allow for the landscaping display.

Interior and exterior decoration

Using the floor plan and a photo or photo of the finished house will help you choose printed wood, tile, or carpet designs to place on the floor as you move from room to room.

Walls with windows can be represented with cellophane, a window pattern, curtains, or a flower sill.

Micro Craft paper with brick, stone, wood, or exterior wallcovering can be pasted to the cardboard cutouts as you assemble the pieces. Most supplies can be found at a craft store or hobbyist model store.

Floors and Ceilings
Floors and Ceilings

An advantage of the N scale is that it allows hobbyists to build designs that take up less space than the N scale house. To place longer tracks in the same amount of space, because the models are smaller (almost half) than the N scale Model Building a House (1∶144).

Floors and Ceilings

Additional floors will be needed if the home is a two story building. The house may or may not have a basement or attic. This is the importance of having a housing plan.

N Scale Model Building a House | Micro Home | Tiny House

The roof is the supreme glory. Craft paper can be used to represent shingles or other ceiling finishing options.

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