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About Us

About Us

Where would you find an engineer, an artist, a doctor and a designer working together?

Get a glimpse into the world of Micro Lab Projects, meet the pioneers of the Indian Maker movement, and see the mind-blowing innovations created by this diverse community of creators!

I am always amazed at how quickly the most “Corporate” companies, let alone us freelance, unstructured entrepreneurial companies, can be thrown off track and into the maelstrom of the black hole by a simple 5 word phrase uttered in a meeting of wasting time can be sucked. I have a great idea in our blog post!”

As about micro lab projects entrepreneurs, we are genetically programmed to develop and test new ideas and constantly search for the latest shiny object. It’s actually a disease and we can’t help it.

However, over the years I’ve found that some of my best “hot” new ideas were better, even great, if I left them alone for a while and let them marinate.

About Micro Lab Project

I am in no way suggesting that you stifle the creativity and ideation of you or your team members, in fact most small businesses discover new markets or create spin-offs this way. An idea presented to a working group, idea team or thought-leadership group grows and innovations are born.

However, to keep your production meetings and your own productivity on track, I would suggest that you set up a four-tiered funnel or channel for submitting new ideas.

Micro Lab Projects
Micro Lab Projects

New companies are not burdened with red tape that prevents larger companies from adopting innovative ideas and processes.

By developing about a good culture and framework for innovation from the start, people can ensure their business is competitive no matter how new it is.

Through the collaborative approach of all employees, mentors, consultants and even its competitors, new companies can kick start the creative process to lead to breakthrough innovations of themselves and their industry.

New Business Ideas

The old paradigm of having a creative or R&D team seems to be fading and in any case is unattainable for new businesses. By using all available creative forces (employees, business partners, customers), a new company can develop innovative ideas.

The time it takes people to come up with creative solutions varies from person to person, but by putting thought and free time aside, you can unleash their true creativity. Once they are able to generate the ideas, it becomes important to put them into a carefully designed process to maximize each idea.

Each innovation process to develop the first ideas will look slightly different, but the core concepts remain the same. Finding ways to encourage ideation, which is then captured and evaluated in some way, based on your current needs, will increase the effectiveness of the process.

The people involved in the innovation process of the new companies must be encouraged to take risks not only in the development of seemingly abstract ideas, but also in the development of those ideas.

Best Innovative Ideas for Business

It is important to keep the test process for the innovations under control. When something explodes and is tested really well, you have to be able to devote resources to it as long as it makes financial sense.

The more new innovative ideas a new company can test, the more likely it is to find something that works. By removing the barriers to developing and testing innovative ideas, you enable a new business to come up with some innovative concepts that could lead the business to success.

When the process is sound but the people bringing the ideas seem to be lacking, you can rely on outside influences to stimulate initial idea generation.

This can be achieved by hosting a competition with employees and customers, sharing ideas from a mastermind group, or even discussing market trends with your competitors. The important factor in not wasting generated innovative ideas is to have a process to clean out and test that idea as quickly as possible.

New Growing Business Ideas

By setting aside resources like time and money, you can develop and cultivate an innovative process that will grow as your new business idea grows.

Take the time to innovate the innovation process yourself and know when to feed or kill the ideas as quickly as possible so you don’t waste time or about other resources on ideas that don’t catch on.

As a new company, you need to waste fewer resources, so you should streamline the innovation process so you can still generate and test multiple ideas without wasting as many resources.

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When a good idea turns into a great idea, implement it quickly and decisively.

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