Building Radio Controlled Robots With Camera on a Budget

Building Radio Controlled Robots With Camera on a Budget

Building robots as a hobby is becoming increasingly popular. There are many companies with robot parts and kits for sale, from beginners to advanced builders.

The level of radio controlled robots technology in some of these kits can be quite high and unfortunately so can the price.

Building Radio Controlled Robots
Building Radio Controlled Robots With Camera on a Budget

Sadly, some of us don’t have the money to spend on that six-legged walking robot with twelve servos, an aluminum frame, and the latest high-speed processor.

Lets make tiny robot its going to fun.

Building Radio Controlled Robots With Camera on a Budget

For some of us, doing what you have is the only option.

However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. It teaches you to be more creative and can guide you in different directions from the normal line of thought.

If you are interested in robots, you are likely to have an interest in technology and machines in general, so you may have bought some car or airplane models at some point. These are an excellent source of parts for a small robot.

If these models were radio controlled then you have an almost instantaneous robot kit. The receiver, battery, and servos alone are enough to build a small walking robot.

radio control gear
Radio control gear

By using hot glue to hold the servos together and attach the receiver and battery to them, you have created the body. Bend a bit of wire to hang your legs, start turning the control levers, and your robot is walking.

Well it’s almost as easy.

The point is, you can do a lot with radio controlled robots gear and some servos, you just need a little inspiration.

Search the web for walking robots and you’ll find thousands of sites for ideas. Insects, especially beetles, are always good for ideas (mainly because they already look like micro robots).

Even if you don’t already have a radio control kit, your budget may allow you to buy one. They are not so expensive anymore.

Small RC Microbot

Building robots this way is a lot of fun, most of the materials you need can be found at home and you can learn more than expected.

If you want to learn more about how to build robots this way, this site has the information you need to start building a radio controlled robot.

Credit to Степан Глушков

Location: Russia

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Very small radio controlled 4 wheel vehicle with the wireless video camera on board.

Building Radio Controlled Robots With Camera on a Budget.