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Squared Symbol on Your Computer

Type the Squared Symbol (²) on Your Computer

Do you know what the diamond shape on a buoy symbol on your nautical chart means? Can you see the importance of a black dot or a small open circle in navigation?

In algebra, “square” means to multiply a number by itself. For example, the square of 5 is 25 because 5 times 5 equals 25. The square root is one of the most common mathematical operations.

But how do you write the Squared Symbol (²) on your computer or mobile phone? Like many math symbols, it is difficult to find in most keyboards.

Type the Squared Symbol

In this article, we are going to show you how to type the square symbol on your computer or smartphone, be it in a word processing Squared Symbol (²) program like Microsoft Word or in your emails and online conversations. You will be amazed how easy it is to type the square sign or symbol.

Squared Symbol
Type the Squared Symbol

The easiest way to enter the square algebra symbol is to hold down the Alt key while you type 0178 on the number pad. Make sure Num Lock is on for this keyboard shortcut to work.

Entering the key combination with the number keys above the letter (outside of the numeric keypad) does not work – you have to use the numeric keypad on the right side of the keyboard.

Alt + 0178

Five Chart Symbol Shapes You Need to Know!

If you want to learn how to sail like a pro, you need to know these five very important secrets of the chart navigation Squared Symbol (²) .

Buoy Body Shapes Made Easy

Search the map for diamond or “cake-pan” shapes that indicate floating navigational aids (buoys). Those marking the sides of canal edges, isolated hazards, or specific areas will show a small diamond.

A shape that looks like the profile of a cake pan indicates an anchor buoy that ships moor to. For safety reasons, stay away from mooring buoys unless you’ve paid for them!

Segmented Buoys Mean Multicolored

Some squared symbol (²) is cut in two parts – with either a horizontal or a vertical line. This shows that the buoy has more than one color on it.

Square Root Symbol
Find Square Root Symbol

For buoys with horizontal segments nearby, look out for the abbreviations RG or GR (red-green or green-red) or BR (black-red). Look for the abbreviation RW (red and white) for buoys with vertical stripes nearby.

Lights Stand Out as Exclamation Marks

Highlight all the important light structures and lighthouses. Cartographers draw a teardrop shape with a black dot at the end, similar to an exclamation point.

The teardrop is magenta (purple) in color. The black point represents the exact position of the light. Use the latitude and longitude of light symbols as waypoints in your nautical GPS. This gives you a highly reliable navigation source that you can trust.

Square and Triangular Daybeacon Secrets

Daybeacons are simple stakes made of wood or steel that are rammed into the seabed with square screwed on two or three sides. They are shown as small squares or triangles on your navigation map. Look for the color of the daybeacon near the icon.

R means red (triangles) and G means green (Squared Symbol). Beware of the deadly white beacon. Circle any solid white square beacons in bold as these are used to mark super dangerous rocks or wrecks.

Prominent Landmarks for Accurate Navigation

Don’t forget about all of these important land objects, like a tank, a tower, a spire, a dome (a dome-shaped roof), and much more. Look for the ones that have a small black dot surrounded by a circle. This means that you can rely on the position when navigating.

On the other hand, a landmark that shows a smaller circle with no central point means “Navigator, watch out!” These are approximate locations – good for basic reference, but best not to rely on them for waypoints.

Use these five hugely important chart navigation Squared Symbol (²) shapes to take your sailing navigation skills to new heights. You’ll be well on your way to reading a nautical chart like a pro – no matter where in the world you’re cruising!

Protection Symbols

When it comes to magical protection symbols, the variety is endless, depending on which magical or shamanic tradition you are working with. For example, according to the Druids, the symbol of an acorn is supposed to give protection to a Druid symbol.

Protection Symbols
Protection Symbols

Certain Indian tribes use the symbol of the elk as protection against psychic spirits. Earth religionists often respond to the earth square (a cross in a square) to claim protective energies from the four cardinal points.

Needless to say, the variety when it comes to choosing protection Squared Symbol can seem overwhelming.

Guidelines for Choosing the Correct Protection Icon

It is not possible to review every magical symbol on the market, but here are a few guidelines to follow when choosing protective symbols for your magical practice.

  • The protective symbols should come from a fully functional and complete system with a track record, such as the tarot deck (we use the Waite-Rider deck), the Futhark runes, or some particular tribal tradition.
  • Your chosen protection symbols should relate to the areas that you want to protect. For example, if you want to protect something large and physical like your property, you should choose a protection symbol like the disk (a star surrounded by a circle) or the symbol of the three mountains.

Both of these symbols refer to everything on the physical plane. If you want to protect and nourish your spirit, you want to choose a symbol like the sun from the tarot. In tarot, the sun card nourishes and protects the mind.

  • Place your protective Squared Symbol where they can do their work. For personal protection, many people wear their protective symbols as amulets, rings or earrings.

To protect your property, you can put the symbol around your property or just at the entry points, for example above the doors. To protect distant people, you can put the picture of the person on a key plate and put the protection symbol on the shield with the picture.

Find Out if You Have the Right Protection Symbol

Choosing protection Squared Symbol for various magical purposes can take some thought and research. If you are not sure whether a protection symbol is right for your needs, you can always test it with your pendulum.

If you want to choose between different protection symbols, you can lay them all out on a key plate in front of you and let your pendulum show you which one is best for your needs.

Lastly, if you’re using some square symbol protection icons and they don’t seem to be working, go back and do your research and pick different ones to try.

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Remember, magic is always an experiment going on. Even if you may not get everything right the first time, remember that you can always go back and fix something that isn’t working.

Type the Squared Symbol (²) on Your Computer.