HEXBUG Micro Robot For Children | Remote Controlled HEXBUG Micro Robotic Creatures

Remote Controlled HEXBUG Micro Robotic Creatures

HEXBUG is a leader in the toy industry that gives kids a positive experience with robotics and STEM at a young age. Kids love HEXBUG micro robot toys with a techy twist.

The Hexbug Crab is part of the range of autonomous robots known as Micro Robotic Creatures, created and distributed by Innovation Labs.

The creature looks and moves like a small crab from the ocean floor, gliding and walking sideways and stopping to hide in the dark thanks to its on-board photosensitive light sensor.

The Crab’s movement can also be affected by its clapping sound sensor (or other similar loud noises) moving it away from its dark hideout or sending it back in the opposite direction of light.

HEXBUG Micro Robot For Children

Innovation Labs was successful for the first time after its original incarnation was released via Radio Shack in the United States.

Collectible battery powered robot crawling bugs are now available in a variety of bugs: the HEXBUG micro robot spider that comes with remote control and can move 360 ​​degrees, the inch worm can spin and move in seven directions.

The ant has a tactile sensor that helps it change direction when there is an obstacle in its path, the larva can slide with a slow and rhythmic flex.

HEXBUG Nano Robotic Creatures

The Hexbug Nano is a fast micro robot that comes in a range of colors and can imitate the action of a mistake real.

Hexbug Micro Robot
Hexbug Micro Robot

More evolved than its robotic brothers and sisters, when programmed, the Hexbug Crab uses its light sensors to escape to dark spaces, away from any bright light in the room – find the shadows! Movement is always lateral, like a king crab.

Hexbug Crab Model Toy

The crab model has been developed to get away from bright lights and find dark spots through a photo detector. It will move randomly, until it finds a dark place, then the Micro robot will stop.

Also, the crab will move in reaction to loud noises. Unlike other HEXBUG micro robot in the Hexbug range, the crab will randomly change direction instead of waiting for an obstacle to get in its way.

The crab will also react to loud noises. It can detect where the noise is coming from and move in the opposite direction. This reaction occurs due to an on-board sound sensor.

Therefore, while the crab will move from light to darkness, it will also move again from darkness if it hears a loud noise. The crab will react to almost all loud noises, whatever is at the volume of moderate or louder applause.

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The Hexbug range of HEXBUG micro robot creatures is highly collectible and appreciated by children and adults alike.

Technological advances have allowed such amazing creations to evolve and develop into modern toys that the whole family can enjoy.

Innovation Labs will continue to create Hexbugs micro robot so that the consumer can expect their collection to grow in the coming years.

Hexbug Battle Bots Rivals 2.0

Make war on your opponents and don’t take prisoners. Now you can take battle bot season 2 action anywhere. This dual robot pack is equipped with sinister battle features, so choose your fighter wisely.

Using i / r remotes, conquer your arena with the minotaur’s spinning drum or heartbreaking beta hammer. After the battle is over, easily rebuild the defeated party for the second round, if they’re up for the challenge.

HEXBUG BattleBots Rivals (Beta and Minotaur) meet CPSIA standards.

Blast your way to the brink of destruction in brutal melee combat! Inspired by television’s most entertaining robot showdown.

Come miniature versions of the ruthless machines you know and love, HEXBUG micro robot BattleBots® Rivals ™!

  • Includes 1 / R Remote Control Beta
  • 1 I / R Remote Control Minotaur
  • Batteries included
  • 8 years and up

Hexbug Nitro Nano 5 Pack

Welcome to the next generation of Hexbug nano, with a kick at full throttle! A remake of an internationally beloved favorite, Hexbug nano nitro is ready for action.

A development of the Nano v2 (2013), released in 2017. These bugs, like its v2s and their original counterparts, are also pigs. A major improvement is that they have five spines on their back compared to the three spines on v2.

Other improvements include less wobble. With less oscillation, they can move faster. Their spines give them the ability to scale vertically between two properly spaced plates or tube walls. Since their backs now have five spines.

They are very stable on their backs compared to v2 and the auto-correction on their backs is now very stable.

A variety of clear plastic tube habitats are offered with them. These range from a simple vertical tube to demonstrate climbing, to multiple bot habitats with multiple horizontal sands joined by curved climbing tubes in clear plastic.

A variety of additional construction kit tube parts are available, including twisted tubes and funnels as well as black holes.

HEXBUG Micro Creatures Aquabot

A line of miniature robotic fish, launched in 2013. The integrated sensors contained in the robots detect liquid, which activates the tail fin. Available as fish, jellyfish, wahoo, and seahorse.

VEX Robotics

A line of robot building set to build small robots, the VEX Robotics kit allows the player to build their own gadgets as well as expanded versions of Hexbug robot products.

Named after the VEX Robotics learning platform developed by Innovation First, which was prominently used for STEM education.

Robotic Football

These car-like robots play soccer. Mechanical engineering students are designing robotic soccer players to eventually participate in the intercollegiate HEXBUG micro robot soccer playoffs at the University of Notre Dame.

These games, played entirely by robots, consist of eight players on each team who also compete in drills to measure speed, agility, strength and launch accuracy.

The robots are designed to be controlled by a microcontroller that is connected to an XBOX wireless controller. The goal is for mechanical engineering students to build new robots every year to participate in the robotic soccer competition.

Hexbug Nano Space Zipline Starter Set

Climb up to the space training station, attach a jet pack to your nano and watch it shoot through the air with the Zip NEX Space line from HEXBUG.

Go boldly where no nano has ever gone before Fly the zipline and enter an intergalactic space adventure with the nano space zipline HEXBUG.

  • Includes gravity training simulator.
  • Includes working lift
  • Includes data entry publication
  • 3 years and up
  • Batteries included
  • Includes nano

Popular HEXBUG Micro Robot For Children | Bugs, Nano, Battle Bot Toys.

The crab is an ideal starter for Hexbug enthusiasts and is aimed at children over the age of 14 and is available in a total of 5 colors: red, indigo, turquoise, green or black.

The HEXBUG micro robot Crab features a light sensor for finding dark spaces and moves randomly or in reaction to loud noises.

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Remote Controlled HEXBUG Micro Robotic Creatures